Check out our Desktop Application!

We developed the best Desktop Application for users that don't have access to the best computer. Users now can save on memory usages that browsers would usually take up. We are excited to introduce our Desktop Application to fix just that issue!




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Free to Download
CentroNodes Desktop Application

CentroNodes Application

  • Lower Memory Usage
  • Features like Chrome
  • UI is Fancy
  • You can't change the URL
Free to Download
CentroNodes Desktop Application

CentroNodes Application Updater

  • Lower Memory Usage
  • Features like Chrome
  • UI is Fancy
  • You can't change the URL

Why Choose Us?

We know the business, we know the troubles, we know the solutions.

Custom Coded

All our systems and sites are custom coded for the best user experience

Server Uptime

CentroNodes has 99.9% uptimes on all nodes, we don't overload like most free hosts

Server Hardware

The best Free high-performance DDoS protected servers using i9-9900K core processing

Centro Pass

Obtain additional resources through our custom tiered system

No Limit

CentroNodes offers unlimited player and plugins for all servers 100% free

Unlimited Free Premium Support

Create a ticket today using our unique ticket system to solve issues fast and professional

Free Server Rack

Best Performing Free Hosting Company

Unbeatable Performance - 9-9900K core processing

Unlimited Player Slots And Plugins

Stop worrying over player counts today

DDoS Protection

DDoS protected by Hetzner Services; never have a down moment

Share User Access

No need to run your server alone. Share access with your friends and manage together.

Best Web Hosting

#1 easy to use web hosting

Servicing user since 2019

Affordable Pricing

cPanel Access

Unmetered Bandwidth

One-Click Installer

Wordpress Hosting

World largest web hosting company

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Fully Managed with unlimited Bandwidth

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Multi procesors and ram memmories

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Based on cloud computing and SSD Space

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Wordpress Hosting

Whitelabel Hosting Company

Please open a ticket if interested!

Pterodactyl Software

Panel Add-on

.host Domain Included

1 Node (Holds about 400 Servers)

Pterodactyl Server Panel

Pterodactyl is an open-source game server management panel designed with security in mind.

Pterodactyl Features

  • Top Security - AES-256-CBC encryption.
  • Custom Coded Theme - CentroNodes has customized the look of Pterodactyl Software.
  • Easy To Use - Manage your server without thinking. Support is always there to help.
  • Easy Databases - User-friendly interface to create Databases.
  • Auto Backups - Easily create backups with a single click.

Our Plans

CentroNodes is 100% free service but also offers paid options.

Plan: Free Forever

CentroNodes Hosting Logo

Price: $0.00

Ram: 2GB

Disk: 5GB

Slots: 1

Cores: 0.6 GHz

Create Account/Login

Plan: Basic

CentroNodes Hosting Logo

Price: $5.00/Month

Ram: 4GB

Disk: 10GB

Slots: 2

Cores: 1 GHz

Open a ticket!

Plan: Normal

CentroNodes Hosting Logo

Price: $10.00/Month

Ram: 8GB

Disk: 25GB

Slots: 2

Cores: 1.5 GHz

Open a ticket!

Plan: Advanced

CentroNodes Hosting Logo

Price: $20.00/Month

Ram: 12GB

Disk: 50GB

Slots: 3

Cores: 3.0 GHz

Open a ticket!

Please open a ticket for a custom requested plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Minecraft version do you offer?

For all our free hosting plans we offer the below Minecraft Server Versions.

PaperMC, Vanilla, Fabric, Forge, Yatopia, and more.

Minecraft Version Supported: 1.17, 1.16.5, 1.16.4, 1.16.3, 1.16.2, 1.16.1, 1.15.2, 1.15.1, 1.15, 1.14.4, 1.14, 1.13.2, 1.13.1, 1.13, 1.13per7, 1.12.2, 1.12.1, 1.12, 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.8.8

Can I host my Discord bot here?

Yes, we offer free hosting for many services other than Minecraft! We support both JS and Python bots with our muli-egg installer.

What is a multi-egg?

Multi-egg is a software used to make your servers. It's called an "egg" because it's on the Pterodactyl Panel, when using this egg it will give you many options that one egg doesn't have, that's why it's called a multi-egg!

How do you use our multi-egg?

Learn how to use our muting by following the directions inside our documentation found at the link below. Guides & documentation

How does Centro Pass Work?

Users can find the Centro Pass item in the shop for 1.5K coins. If you have gotten the pass, you will now earn XP while on the earnings page. The rate is 10XP per coin earned (10XP per 5 mins on the earning page.)

You can see how much XP you've obtained as well as claim your XP rewards on the Centro Pass page. Each XP level you reached you will receive some sort of reward. This could be a resource, coins, or even a discord ranks/groups.

Each season should last around 90 days. Each new season will come with new level rewards!

The pass is expensive, but you will earn about 3.5K worth of rewards back in return, as well as earn all the coins on top of it from the earn coin page.

How to earn Centro Coins?

The coin system is the core of how we operate, in return for users watching ads, joining servers, and winning giveaways a user will receive coins. These coins can be used to upgrade your server's resources, pay for your renewal, join giveaways, place ads, and more coming soon. Learn more at the link below.

Centro Coin Documentation & Guide

Whats the differences between Paper and Spigot Servers?

Paper has more aggressive optimizations which will make your server run better than Spigot hosted servers. Paper is a fork of Spigot, and all plugins will be compatible between each other.

Our understanding is that Paper uses async chunk loading, has options to prevent moving into unloaded chunks, mob-spawning limiters, and much more to reduce lag on servers for a better user experience.

To view more information, questions, and guides. Please take a look at our documentation & guides.