Discord Bot Hosting

Instantly deploy your 24/7 Discord Bot for as low as $1.00/month.


4 GB


24/7 Uptime
DDoS Protection
FTP Access
Premium Support
Online 24/7

* Price estimates above don't account for the total amount of vCores, disk space, and ports your server has.

4 GB of RAM
    I9 9900K

Est: $4.00/mo

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Choose from our wide variety of eggs to create or deploy your bot with.


Our Panel

Custom Designed Game Panel

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to Discord bot hosting. That's why we have spent countless hours perfecting our user-friendly game panel.

Our hosting platform also offers easy access and management of databases, allowing you to efficiently store and manage your bot's data with ease.
With our simple backup creation process, you can create backups of your Discord bot's data in just a few clicks, ensuring that your important information is always safe and secure. Our platform makes it easy to protect your bot's data, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your community's information is always protected.
File Manager
Our hosting platform includes a file manager that allows you to quickly and easily upload any necessary bot files, ensuring that your bot is up and running smoothly.
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Discord Bot Hosting

At CentroNodes, we prioritize the needs of developers and bot enthusiasts by offering flexible and scalable Discord bot hosting plans. Our state-of-the-art nodes provide reliable uptime, ensuring that your bot is always available to your community. You'll have full control over your bot's behavior and functionality with access to your bot's files and an intuitive control panel. Although we don't offer automatic daily backups, our platform allows users to easily create manual backups to protect their bot's data. Our focus is on providing the best hosting experience possible, so you can focus on growing your bot and engaging with your community.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all servers are protected for free. Want to learn more? Our DDoS protection is provided by Hetzner

Yes, you have full control over the packages you wish to install.

Yes, we are a premium hosting. Expect the best service possible from our dedicated team